HEM 7 Chakras Incense Sticks

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  •  contains 7 different scents for each chakra. Each fragrance comes with 5 incense sticks each.  


  • STIMULATE: Designed to open and stimulate the body's energetic centers called “chakras,” and help strengthen their related qualities within you.
  • MEDITATION: 7 Chakra Incense is perfect for people who meditate, practice yoga or who simply wish to use aromatherapy to fill their environment with natural aromas.
  • 7 CHAKRAS BENEFITS: Freshens up the mind and body, relieves stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality, eliminates negative energy.
  • INCENSE MAIN PURPOSE: Create wholeness within yourself, by bring the various aspects of your consciousness from the physical to the spiritual into a harmonious relationship.
  • HELPFUL: Creating a calm environment to meditate, and also to stimulate Kundalini energy, which helps to access a higher consciousness. - INCENSE PACK : ROOT, SACRAL, SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART, TROAT, THIRD EYE, CROWN