Feng Shui Fire Incense Sticks

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Boxes of 8 Sticks Each


Hem Feng Shui Earth incense, is a quality hand rolled incense from India, let your room fill with joy! 


Fire Element. The fire element represents transformation and expansion.

Fire is the most volatile of all the five feng shui elements.

Light the incense, blow out the flame, make sure you have it stood in a suitable container as with all flammable items, never leave unattended, or let children near it.


No matter what purpose you use it for, incense has the power to completely alter your frame of mind in a matter of seconds.  It is incredibly easy to use, and there are a huge variety of styles and scents to choose from, so you are sure to find the incense that fits your needs and lifestyle perfectly!  Check out our amazing selection of incense!!!