Murray & Lanman, Florida Water, 7.5 oz

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What exactly is Florida water?

In the same way that people use sage to cleanse their surroundings, Florida water is used similarly. Even though water is in its name, it’s actually an alcohol-based colognethis link opens in a new tab that can be found at drugstores and botanicas at an affordable price. You can even find it at your local Walmartthis link opens in a new tab. It’s made with a base ingredient of alcohol, and a blend of dissolved essential oils like lemon oil, orange oil, and lavender oilthis link opens in a new tab, according to the Original Botanica.

People often use it for spiritual cleansing and spell work. However, according to the Original Botanica, it has multiple purposes. The site reports that Florida water is used for ritual offeringsthis link opens in a new tab, purification, and cleansing negative energy. Some people believe that it brings a calmness to their mood, can help with depression, and encourage the expression of emotions.